Chubb's Signature Suite

If Chubb or your agent or broker has informed you that you are a Signature customer, log on to My Policies to take advantage of the special suite of Signature services available to you online. If you've never accessed our site before, register online today. Be sure to have a copy of a recent bill or your current policy on hand.

The Signature Suite will continually evolve to address the complex risk management of you and your family. Today, the Signature Suite offers you the following services to Signature customers:

  • Travel Security - Adventure vacations and exotic locations... these popular trends can make for amazing experiences, but what if something goes wrong while you are away from home? Chubb has partnered with premier travel security and medical response firms to help keep you and your family safe when traveling.
  • Personal Employee Management - You may employ housekeepers, nannies, yacht crew, or other household employees, but have you taken steps to protect yourself as an "employer"? Chubb provides access to sound methods for helping to reduce employment practices liability exposures such as sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and more. Chubb also provides resources to help hire and maintain qualified employees.
  • Personal Security - Your assets and public profile can lead to increased risks and may even make you a target for criminals, so what can you do to protect yourself and your family? Chubb has teamed up with nationally recognized personal security firms to help ensure that you are as safe as possible when at home, traveling or conducting everyday activities.
  • Collections Management - You have collected the things you love over the years with a discerning eye, but how can you keep the management of your growing collection from becoming a daunting task? Chubb provides meaningful collection management tools that can help keep your passion from becoming a chore.