Has Your Organization Suffered A Ransomware Attack?

Cyberattacks have dramatically increased since the onset of the pandemic. Organizations are reporting an 80 percent increase in ransomware attacks for 2021.

Of the 80 percent attacked, more than one-third of the organizations paid the ransom in full for fear of continuing the disruption to their online status or additional downtime.

The U.S. numbers are reflective of the same trend being experienced by organizations all over the world. Organizations have been advised to have "the strongest possible protections in place." The warning emphasizes the importance of making email security a priority as that has been the most utilized attack method www.insurancebusinessmag.com (May 25, 2022).

So, the question for our readers is: Has Your Organization Suffered A Ransomware Attack?

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Here is the opinion of one of the McCalmon editorial staff:

Jack McCalmon, Esq.

Knock on wood…no, we have not. Training is important, but so is limiting the information you preserve, especially as to personal identifiers.

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