Avoid Locker Room Behavior To Lower The Risk Of Sexual Harassment Charges From Staff

A woman sued her former employer, a 31-year-old male social media star, on allegations of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination.

The social media illusionist reportedly hired the plaintiff in April 2015 to work as his part-time executive assistant. He later asked her to join his company full-time, allegedly promising her "opportunities to further her desired producing career." She was promoted to producer in February 2016.

The plaintiff claims that from 2016 to 2017, the social media star excluded her from "any involvement in the development of television or film projects, despite his prior promises to the contrary."

She alleges that he repeatedly sexually harassed her throughout her employment, including taking his clothes off and leaving his underwear in her office. She further accuses her former employer of creating "an abusive work atmosphere" and targeting her including by paying her less than her male counterparts and excluding her from company activities because of her gender.

The plaintiff alleges in the suit that the social media star "belittled, verbally attacked, and yelled at [her] for the slightest perceived misstep, while turning a blind eye to male co-workers' grave errors."

The employer allegedly terminated her over a Zoom call in May 2020 because she "complains too much." He allegedly told the plaintiff to "think of it like a breakup."

The former producer filed the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, in Los Angeles Superior Court. Srivats Lakshman "Did Zach King sexually harass female producer? YouTube illusionist sued for misconduct" meaww.com (Dec. 14, 2021).

Commentary and Checklist

To provide a safe workplace and prevent sexual harassment allegations, family employers must keep all sexually suggestive words and actions out of the workplace and in any other situation in which staff are present.

Issues can arise when family employers get into the habit of locker room talk or behavior with or around staff of any gender.

The key to avoiding sexual harassment claims is not to talk about sex or share inappropriate photos with any member of the staff.

Family employers should follow these additional steps to help prevent accusations of sexual misconduct:

  • Don't make crude remarks or jokes around staff.
  • Always conduct yourself with respect for others.
  • Don't wear sexually provocative or crude clothing or jewelry.
  • If you are wondering whether your behavior or comments are acceptable, then they probably are not. Think before you speak, and if it may be inappropriate, then don't say it.
  • Limit your physical contact with staff, especially touches that are more personal than professional.
  • Do your best to keep your sex life out of the workplace.
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