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Are Your Employees Struggling With Work Software? You Make The Call

According to results from IBM's Institute for Business Value, nearly 75 percent of employers said their organization provides tools that help employees work in new ways and develop skills. However, only 38 percent of employees agreed.

Sixty-eight percent of workers surveyed by The Harris Poll stated they experience at least one issue per day while using software needed to perform their job. Workers listed problems such as regularly adding too much software; not having the proper software for their job; difficulty learning how to use software; and having too much software to use. Frequent software changes, upgrades, updates, or lack of updates is frustrating to employees relying on technology to perform their job.

Adding to the software trouble, employees are reluctant to ask their employers for help using workplace technology. A June 2019 survey from edX found 40 percent of workers with software issues said they were uncomfortable asking for assistance from employers.

Technology is important to the modern workplace, especially during the pandemic when many employees are working remotely. Kathryn Moody, "Employees struggle with work software, survey says" (Nov. 10, 2020).

So, the question for our readers is: Are your employees struggling with work software?

Please take the poll. Here is the opinion of one of the McCalmon editorial staff:

Jack McCalmon, Esq.

I readily admit software and computer issues frustrate me, especially some upgrades. If all upgrades increased efficiency more than the time and cost associated with the upgrade, I would happily embrace them, but 50 percent of the time a "required upgrade" has zero impact on efficiency or makes me less efficient. 

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